Early one morning while Mia is jogging near the river, a man exposes himself to her. Afterwards, Mia tries to understand what happened. What should she have done? Who was he? Was this whole thing really dangerous or tragic? And how did he decide that going for a jog should also include attacking someone?

Flashback has been screened at many festivals and won Award of Excellence at Amsterdam Shorts. Flashback was broadcasted at Swedish and Russian Television.

You’re free to use the film in your work and spread it online. We truly hope that this film will spread awareness about sexual harassments and start dialogs. The film depicts a woman that experience freeze fright.

Script: Daniel Karlsson, Maria Jönsson. Director and producer: Linnea Widén. Actors: Ulrika Hansson, Mikael Ahlberg, Benedicte Stendal Hansen, Toft Hervén, Elin Sandström, Jakob Arevärn.