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Azusa Street Productions

Azusa Street Productions is a production company with extensive experience in film and television production. We make films for TV channels, companies and organizations. Since we have extensive experience in both documentary and feature films, we specialize in helping our participants to thrive in front of the camera.

Our films are characterized by humor, warmth and accurate personal direction and we are happy to help you find the form that best suits your film! We can create films for your website, social media or internal communication. Azusa Street Productions takes responsibility for the entire filming process for you. We love movies and no assignment is too big or small for us!

Said about us

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'FUB, The Swedish National Association for Persons with lntellectual Disability have engaged Azusa Street Productions to document important meetings on a number of occasions. Film is an important tool in the spread of information within our organisation. We require not only a high degree of technical quality, but place an even higher demand on the manner in which we communicate with our target group. Azusa Street Productions fulfilled both of these demands with a high degree of excellence.'

Judith Timoney, FUB

'Azusa Street Productions' film about our college project in Gävle was able to depict the students thoughts and experiences in a very specific manner. It was very pleasant to co-operate with a production company who were able to instill confidence and security in the participants during filming and portray the right tone about the project in the completed film.'

Annika B. Persson, Svenska Kyrkan 

'We are highly satisfied with our collaboration with Azusa Street Productions. The film captured exactly what we wanted to express and the product was presented in a highly professional manner. We have been able to utilise the film in many different forums.'

Anna Sjöström, Mitsubishi Electric