The Gala ”Störd och Stolt”

Azusa Street Productions had the privilege to film the Gala “Störd och Stolt” in the Stockholm City Hall. The guest of honour was the Australian model Madeleine Stuart. Many artists performed and awards were handed out.

The Church of Sweden

Azusa Street Productions has produced a film for the Church of Sweden. The film tells the story about the teenager project “Oh my God!” that took place at five schools in Gävle for two years.


Azusa Street Productions filmed and documented a conference for FUB, the Swedish National Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. Experts and people with intellectual disabilities gathered to exchange experience and knowledge. We recorded all the seminars and produced a DVD with nine films.


This film was produced for the play Aktualiteter at the theatre Dramalabbet in Stockholm. The film appeared on the backdrop in a scene during the play. It is shot in green screen and edited and postproduced in After Effects. The actors are David Weiss, Elmira Arikan, Louise Löwenberg, Erik Magnusson and Benjamin Moliner.