The hoarders

Some people find it difficult to dispose of things, others find it difficult to use their homes because they are cluttered. It is called hoarder syndrome and affects 2.5% of the population. In this film, we get to follow some hoarders who themselves tell us about their lives. The documentary is currently available on Swedish … Read More

Never Give Up Son

Three ex-criminals living in Sweden, attempt to forge new lives for themselves on the right side of the law. Giving up can never be an option. Never Give Up Son is a feature documentary about Naiel and his friends Khole and Uldis. They are gifted men with criminal backgrounds, who were offered new chances to … Read More

The wedding gift

The Swedish Armed Forces decided to deliver a special wedding gift when the Crown Princess Couple of Sweden got married. They created a recruitment camp for 40 teenagers with intellectual disabilities. The teenagers visited the Naval Academy at Karlskrona in Sweden and were challenged in many new areas. The Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel … Read More

I’m painting some imagination

Johannes and Anette are artists with intellectual disabilities. This film portraits their daily life and creativity. Johannes could not talk until he was 7 years old. But he drew snapshot pictures that told what he was experiencing. And so began a different kind of artistry. Anette draws ordinary people. With simple pencil-strokes she expresses those … Read More