Someone to love

When Frida’s dog gets injured, Markus happen to be near. Although he doesn’t know who she is, he helps take her and the dog to the vet. That’s how they met. This is the story that Frida and Markus tells us, each with a voice over. But the images show us something more. Someone to … Read More


Early one morning while Mia is jogging near the river, a man exposes himself to her. Afterwards, Mia tries to understand what happened. What should she have done? Who was he? Was this whole thing really dangerous or tragic? And how did he decide that going for a jog should also include attacking someone? Flashback … Read More


Frögurkan is a comedy about the caretaker Vera who lives in the housing area where she works. Her entire life is scheduled around her work which she undertakes with excellence. She cares about the tenants and repairs things before anybody notice they were broken. Vera wants to be appreciated by everyone and especially her father, … Read More

Make my life

In the middle of the rush hour, a young woman finds herself in an unexpected situation on a street. An enchanting moment suddenly dances before her eyes; infinite possibilities pass by right then and there. Carpe diem! The short film Make My Life is shot in New York and premièred at the Gothenburg International Film … Read More